Download Avast For Windows

Avast antivirus is one of the widely used because it has a database that has been updated every time it is used. In addition, this antivirus very feasible because it has give experience to the user.

This antivirus supports all operating systems used Such Windows XP | Vista and Windows 7. In addition, this software has been tested with all the viruses and have been keeping your computer from virus attacks are very dangerous for your device.

Download Avast For Windows

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Steps to install the software:
  • Download applications have been available at the link above.
  • Download software and open the link by double click
  • Then click next.
  • If you download the free version
  • Follow the install until the application is complete
  • And run the software

Link Software Avast:

Support: For Windows
All OS
Free : installer
New Software
Update : Latest
Author :


Features Software:

This application will find a variety of viruses that can destroy your computer from virus attacks are very dangerous and also very fast when it finds a virus because it has databases that have been updated.


This software prevents it from the influence of data theft carried out by cyber who wants to take photos via your camera when connected via the internet. This is very easily done by the cyber who wants to steal data. When you use avast it couldn't be done.

Home Network Security:

When you use a computer connected on the internet then your data is not safe. It is very easy in control by people who want to steal your data. so with the features provided by avast then your data will be safe from it.

Smart Scan:

Avast provides this feature to detect the virus directly affecting the computer and also your data. so it is safer and very privacy. for example, when you connect the flash disk when finding data that can damage your computer, then avast will directly detect it.

It also provides antivirus features sandbox where this feature will directly delete the virus easily and will be deleted permanently. and also the security of the password so that it is not easily taken by the perpetrators of crimes that can do easily stolen the data.

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